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Rooted Community


There is a small, but growing community of creators who are developing stories either directly based on Scriptures or the principles within them.  Our shared interests and shared challenges is bringing this community together.


Though each of us have our own projects, there is benefit in being connected.  

Please check out these fellow creators. 

The Book of Revelation

Graphic Novel

The key to the brilliance of this book is summed up by Matt Dorff's adapter's note, 

'None of the pre-20th century classic art based on the book of Revelation included reaction shots of John. That simple juxtaposition of an image depicting an event an event and an image depicting an observer observing the event is the visual key to this version of Revelation. This technique provides an emotional cue to modern readers and invites them to explore what John was feeling as the vision unfolded'.

As the reader we step into the vision and journey with the apostle John. The artwork makes that journey extraordinary. There are several images in this book that simply fantastic. 

I'm very partial to works that include Scripture. The Word of God is powerful (2 Timothy 3:16), and to be honest my spirit stirred within me reading the words.

Do yourself a favor and get this book, I highly recommend it. 5/5


Kingstone Comics

Kingstone Comics is generally geared to younger readers, but they have books for all ages.  They have some really solid titles.

'The Book of God' by Ben Avery I recommend.

Christian Comic Arts Society


A Network of Christian Fellowship For Comic Fans, Pros, and Amateurs

R-Squared Comics

Justin Martin

If you spend any time in around Christian comics you'll know Justin Martin.  Operator of RSquared Comics, Justin is not only a fellow creator, he is an advocate and ally to group.


A great guy, check out his site.  It's loaded with content.

From Nothing

Steve Crespo's web comic strips.

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